Hello there, I'm Luke Whitehouse, a passionate Front-End Developer and Design Enthusiast from West Yorkshire.

After successfully finishing my Degree in Multimedia Technology at Leeds Met, and having had a great couple of years with Welford Media, I'm now working as a Front-End Developer at Mixd, a Web Design agency from Harrogate who specialise in large scale Wordpress development for the Government Sector and beyond.

Iā€™m a strong believer in making The Web accessible & usable to people of all walks of life and have a keen interest in well marked-up, standards compliant code that attempts to push the boundaries of what can be acomplished by a little piece of script.

Skills, Techniques and Tools

More info about me is up on LinkedIn

  • Web & UI Design

    With a pencil and pad in my hand, accompanied by tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite, I am able to create visuals of professional quality

  • Front-End Development

    Working with languages such as: HTML, CSS and Javascript using methodologies such as BEM and OOCSS to create modular websites

  • Responsive Web Design

    Naturally, as a Front-End Developer I also have a firm understanding of the best practices and issues when creating Device Agnostic websites

  • Platform Integration

    Intergration into Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Ecommerce Systems such as Opencart and MVC frameworks such as Symfony

  • Web Development

    I also have a basic understanding of languages such as PHP and MYSQL to create dynamicly functioning sites as well as the console

  • Accessbility & Usability

    I strive to make my websites as usable as possible for everyone, no matter if they have a disability or on their way home from work with poor signal

A Personal Timeline

My little journey towards the World Wide Web

  1. The Start of my journey

    In my second year of College I was studying Media Production revolving around Games Development and I was introduced to the Boagworld podcast by my tutor. To this day I always credit this as my inspiration to delve into the Web Industry

  2. Choosing my path

    Within my first two years of University at Leeds Met, I was able to gauge exactly where I wanted to take my career and found that Front-End Development was where I thrived, whilst also being introduced into Design and other Multimedia areas. I also started to attend meetups and befriend some really cool people within the Industry.

  3. Developing my skills

    After my 2nd year of Uni, I was given the incredibe opportunity to go on placement with Welford Media. Whilst there, I was given the freedom to explore different technologies and techniques, whilst learning off some pretty amazing people. I wrote briefly about my experience whilst on placement there.

  4. Finishing off my studies

    In the third quarter of 2013 I went back to University to complete my final year. Whilst there I was asked to stay on after my placement with Welford Media, where I continued to be member of their Front-End Development team.

  5. The next chapter

    Now after successfully graduating with a First Class degree, I'm working with Mixd ā€“ a Harrogate based Web Design company ā€“ to produce fully responsive solutions for clients such as Skiing Chalets, Universities and the NHS.